Even though a standard cloud web hosting account is generally created automatically, there are always smaller configuration jobs that are done manually by the hosting provider. Installing a virtual or a dedicated server requires even additional efforts since a lot of time is spent to install and set up the software and hardware platform, then test the machine so as to guarantee its optimal operation prior to it being given to the end user. In order to cover the amount of time spent on that, various providers have an installation fee which you are required to pay at the time you obtain your brand new web hosting plan. Often, that charge will not show up before you reach the payment page and you won't notice it before that on your main page near the hosting plan features. In the general case, this cost is one-time and it may vary from a small to a significant amount of money based on the provider.

Setup Fee in Cloud Web Hosting

Our company does not charge anything on top of the price of the Linux cloud web hosting that you choose, thus you will not be required to pay any kind of set-up costs or any kind of fees different from what you've already found on the front page. We believe that being honest with our clients is of key importance for establishing a long-lasting business relationship, that being said we'll never require that you pay concealed charges of any type, particularly for something that's nearly fully automatic and normally takes a few min to be executed by our platform. You will not pay installation costs even when you order multiple accounts plus they will all be entirely active straight away, so you'll be able to start working on your websites. The overall amount that you need to pay for each of our packages is the very same that you will see on our home page.